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On Hold Messages

Scripting - Voiceovers - Hold Music - Audio Production

Professional IVR and On-Hold Voiceover with Dave Evans


Enhance your callers' experience and captivate them while on hold with a professional phone greeting by Dave Evans. Dave ensures that your listeners remain engaged and enthusiastic about doing business with your company.

On Hold and Out of Office Voicemail Greetings

Establish the perfect tone right from the start with Dave's expertise in professional voicemail greetings and on-hold messaging. Consistency in your brand representation will elevate your callers' overall experience. What kind of impression does your company want to make? With Dave's voiceover, on-hold messages can be friendly and relaxed, polished and professional, or even playful!

Retain Customers on the Line


By providing on-hold messages, you significantly decrease the likelihood of callers hanging up. Statistics show that 60% of callers will hang up without on-hold messages or music, and 30% will not call back. Transform idle waiting time into a positive customer experience with engaging on-hold messages.

Strengthen Customer Relationships More than 85% of phone callers prefer on-hold messages over silence. On hold messages offer a multitude of benefits for your business:

  • Foster trust

  • Promote exclusive events

  • Address frequently asked questions

  • Manage phone traffic effectively

  • Share business hours of operation

  • Amplify your marketing efforts

  • Promote your social media channels

While waiting, 88% of business callers prefer professionally produced and personalized on-hold messages, actively listening to your message. Additionally, 15%-20% of phone callers make purchases based on the information they acquire while on hold.

IVR and On Hold Voiceover Services by Dave Evans


Countless companies in Australia and beyond rely on Dave Evans to deliver professional and captivating telephone messages to their valued customers. You can trust Dave to provide top-quality audio, swift turnaround times, and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Collaborate with Dave to achieve the ideal tone and delivery style for your company messages. Contact Dave today to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation quote.

Music Production

On Hold Music & Messages

Are you looking for an engaging on hold message to keep your customers informed and engaged while waiting on hold to talk to your business? Dave can assist with scripting, professional voice over recording, hold music mixing and SFX.

Script Writing

Need a script written for your business phone system and don't know where to start? Don't worry! Dave has written thousands of script for all types of businesses, and can help out with yours, too.

Writing on tablet
Vocal Recording
Recording Studio


Dave's voice has been used on thousands of telephone messages in Australia and globally, you've probably heard it before. Businesses choose Dave's voice due to his calming and reassuring tone, and ability to alter his style to suit the script.

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